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Healthy Skin - Confidence!

As a Pioneer of Cosmeceuticals

LJH Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was THE FIRST to develop & introduce Cosmeceuticals combining the beautifying effects of “Cosmetics” with the healing power of “Pharmaceuticals” in Korean Cosmetics market.

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Facial Mask

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Deep & Quick Mask Tone Up Care
Price $ 35.00
Size 33ml

Deep & Quick Mask Tone Up Care

- Gluetathione tones up and brightens the dull skin tone.


- Sodium PCA offers intensive moisturizing to the skin, leaving it plump and hydrated.


- Soothes sensitive and tired skin in a comfortable condition.


Directions for Use

1. Arrange skin with toner after cleansing.

2. Place the mask over the face except eye and mouth areas.

3. Leave on for 10~20 minutes, then remove and gently pat the remaining essence.

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