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As a Pioneer of Cosmeceuticals

LJH Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was THE FIRST to develop & introduce Cosmeceuticals combining the beautifying effects of “Cosmetics” with the healing power of “Pharmaceuticals” in Korean Cosmetics market.

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Cellabel MC

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Cellabel MC Eye Makeup Remover
Price $ 18.00
Capacity 80ml
Cellabel MC Eye Makeup Remover
● Mild point make up remover for eye and lip areas
● Provides soft cleansing of point makeup with minimum stimulation.
● 6-Free system:
   bensophenone free, alcohol free, artificial odor free, animal ingredient free, mineral oil free, paraben free.
Algae extract, artemisia vulgaris extract, laurus nobilis leaf extract, camellia japonica oil,
sodium chloride, citric acid.
Directions for use
Shake well before each use.
Gently wipe out point makeup with oil.
Recommended for
All skin types.
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