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Healthy Skin - Confidence!

As a Pioneer of Cosmeceuticals

LJH Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was THE FIRST to develop & introduce Cosmeceuticals combining the beautifying effects of “Cosmetics” with the healing power of “Pharmaceuticals” in Korean Cosmetics market.

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LJH Cosmetics

Why LJH Cosmetics?

LJH Cosmetics is the nation's leading cosmetics company specializing in cosmeceuticals.

LJH Cosmetics is the first company in Korea to develop and introduce cosmeceuticals to local cosmetics market. The term "cosmeceutical" is a combination of the two words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals not only enhance appearance but also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin.

Safety and effectiveness of LJH cosmeceuticals have been sustained by years of rigorous clinical testing at LJH Skin Clinics. LJH cosmeceuticals have shown outstanding result in maintaining skin healthy and treating and healing troubled skin.

Furthermore, establishment of LJH Dermatology Research Center in 2001 has greatly contributed to the development of LJH cosmeceuticals.

LJH Cosmetics & LJH Skin Clinics & LJH Skin Science Center

Company History
LJH History
2011 June Agency contract with SBS Co. for TV home shopping in Thailand
2010 Nov. Participation in HongKong Cosmoprof
Mar. Launch of Doctor's Care Cell Derm Series for anti-aging
2009 Nov. Exclusive agency contract with GL Co., Taiwan
Oct. Participation in GuangZhou Cosmetics Fair in China
May. Participation in Beijing Franchise Exhibition in China
2008 Nov. Exclusive agency contract with Jean Pierre Co., China
Oct. Exclusive agency contract with LTI Cosmetics, USA (Eastern territory)
Aug. Exclusive agency contract with Teamwork Co., Japan
2007 Nov. Participation in HongKong Cosmoprof
Aug. USA FDA approval of LJH sunblock lotion SPF40 PA+++
Jul. LJH model contest with Donga TV
2006 Dec. Certified by ISO 9001 & Innobiz
May Extension of distribution channel to Hypermarkets
Apr. 39th science day "Science technology Merit Award"
2005 Oct. Relocation of LJH Dermatology Research Center to Daegu Haany University
Aug. Implementation of offline sales and marketing
Feb. Product distribution to GW Watson drug store, W-store, and pharmacies
2004 Nov. Exclusive agency contract with Unicos, USA (Western territory)
June Product distribution to Olive Young and Health & Beauty store
2003 May Change of company name to LJH Cosmetics
2001 Aug. Establishment of LJH Dermatology Research Center
2000 Jul. Establishment of G&B Cosmetics
Certification and Award
Venture Accreditation & Science Technology Merit Award

Certified as New Technology Venture Business
Certified as the "1st NT Venture business" for the development of new technologies, Green tea polyphenol extraction and Preservative-free.
LJH was recognized for Green tea polyphenol extraction technology and production process of 7 cosmetic compositions. LJH was acknowledged for its remarkable achievement with the new technologies.

39th Science Day "Science Technology Merit Award"
Awarded for the creation of new market in the cosmetics industry and development of innovative products.
LJH Cosmetics, a pioneer in the cosmeceutical industry, has been spurred on with its research and development of technologies by LJH Dermatology Research Center. The LJH Dermatology Research Center carries out its research in close cooperation with Daegu Haany University.
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